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Is it possible to?

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I have searched the forums for a straight answer last night and again this morning and can only find information suggesting it might not be worth it even if possible.

That is not an answer to the question though it is just a personal opinion.

I am hoping someone or several of you will focus solely on my question and the logistics involved.

Is it possible to sail or motor from Lake Erie to the Atlantic Ocean without removing or stepping the mast? If so what is the maximum mast height with out having to use techniques like water bags to heel the boat? What is the route and is there a suggested cruising book.

If it is impossible a simple no is fine. If it is possible but stupid please just say it is possible and what route to take. I don't want to hear about all the easy places to get the mast down or how it only takes a day and saves so much time ect, there are already plenty of posts in the forums covering the trip using the mast removal method.

I simply want to know is it possible. I have not found a simple yes or no.
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Yes, it's easily possible if your mast is not too big. From CRUISE VESSEL INFORMATION AND REFERENCE GUIDE:

"The maximum permitted air draft is 35.5 meters (116.5 ft.) in the Montreal to Lake Erie section."
Mast Heights The maximum permitted air draft is 35.5 meters (116.5 ft.) in the Montreal to Lake Erie section. Vessels in excess of the maximum are not accepted for transit. We can, however, advise masters on trim alternatives as a resolution.

So reading this it says i can sail around lake erie and Montréal in any sailboat with a mast short enough to clear all the ICW bridges. I am not familiar enough with the area to know if this gets me out to the atlantic. If it does what is the exact route then.
Seriously? St. Lawrence River...
No access to Google?!3m1!1s0x89d3574246c7086f:0x8186bd368c927744

Sorry if I'm sounding snarky, but you really are asking very basic questions that can easily be answered with a simple search, or a look at a chart. It seems that you're asking people to do your basic research for you ... which I guess I'm doing, so I guess the joke's on me :(
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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