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Is NSA a bad thing?

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I have begun seeing videos and comments from other sites that more and more people are giving up sailing, and that some Marinas are going out of business in spite of local government's complaints, because NSA/Coast Guard...etc. are becoming so belligernt. I have seen some posting where people out on their boats have been stopped 4 and 5 times in one day by different agencies. It appears to be mostly along the East Coast and the Great Lakes.

What's been your ecxperience?
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I have been involved in two safety checks in 15 years.

1. Five years ago. I was taking on water and a CG RIB escorted me into Pt. Judith, even offered me a hip tow up the channel. I declined as I got things under control and could motor. The passed me in the channel and met me at the dock to help me take lines. They could not have been more professional and helpful.

2. Last year. I was in a friends inflatable, late in the season, just after dark, and we had no lights. Warning, safety inspection of the dinghy, a few questions and reminder to stay safe. Very professional. All we lost was a few minutes of our time.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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