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Hey Gil,

Sounds like you want to un-step your mast so you can access your keel bolts and your mast is keel stepped not deck stepped.
The steps I would do are:
- remove cotter pins from Clevis pins
- loosen all turnbuckles as the mast will not fall as it is keel stepped
- disconnect all mast wiring (lights, antenna etc)
- find the crane and crane operator at LLM and induce them to un-step your mast. They will wrap a strap around it and raise it up to your spreaders before actually raising the mast.
- once the crane is ready to lift the rig take out ALL the Clevis pins from every stay and shroud and keep in a safe place.
- let the crane lift your mast carefully
- put mast next to your boat while you mess with your keel bolts (might want to get several saw horses to put it on especially if you have a roller furling system - you don't want to foils/extrusions to bend too much).

I may be able to come and visit you at your boat next Thursday.
Proceed with the next steps...
Good luck.
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