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Is this a deep cycle battery?

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I've read and read this winter so I can make sure my "new to me" electrical system is up to par.

First order of business is to replace the batteries. After much deliberation, I've decided to go with a drop in replacement of the 8A4D AGMs. I have a friend who can get them wholesale. However I don't want the wrong battery at the right deal.

Is this a deep cycle battery?
Tri-State Battery Warehouse : 8A4D Deka Intimidator High Performance AGM Battery [8A4D] - $379.95

We have a slip so this will be topped off 90% of the time the same day or within a week of cycling and charging with engine only.

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No. Golf cart 6 volt batteries are deep cycle. Any battery that posts a cca rating is not deep cycle. Not only are 6 volt golf cart batteries true deep cycle batteries with thicker plates but they are much easier to handle that 8D's.

Why are you set on AGM batteries?

AGM Batteries - Making The Choice -
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