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Is this a hound assembly?

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Hello all,

I have another hardware question as I'm waiting for my mast to arrive.

Is this a hound assembly (the middle hardware in the picture with 3 attachment points)?

Image in the next post since this will be my 10th post and I can now post pictures! :)

It is effectly doing what a hound assembly does, I've just never seen anything like it. The Jib Halyard is on the bottom block, then the headstay, then another block whose use is a mystery to me.

Any ideas as to 1: what this hardware is called and 2: what that 3rd block is for?

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Sorry for the upside down photo. It got lost in the post.

Fascinating. So, as you can tell, I'm new to this level of sailing so I'm just trying to get as familiar as I can with all of the unique parts.

The tangs on both sides are indeed for the shrouds and spreader. I'm getting my new Spar from Dwyer and I am going to just transfer all of the hardware from the current broken spar to the new one. Do you think I should go with the Dwyer specific forestay/hound assembly (built from these parts) or do you think this setup is still fine (even though I have no plans of flying a spinnaker in the near future).

Ha! I guess that's true. Sailing is nothing if not a sea of constant upgrades.

Ok. Assuming all hardware looks good, I'll proceed as planned. Dwyer has a good set of stainless steel rivets and a neighbor is lending me a very nice long handle riveter.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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