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Is this a hound assembly?

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Hello all,

I have another hardware question as I'm waiting for my mast to arrive.

Is this a hound assembly (the middle hardware in the picture with 3 attachment points)?

Image in the next post since this will be my 10th post and I can now post pictures! :)

It is effectly doing what a hound assembly does, I've just never seen anything like it. The Jib Halyard is on the bottom block, then the headstay, then another block whose use is a mystery to me.

Any ideas as to 1: what this hardware is called and 2: what that 3rd block is for?

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I see no reason not to re-use the existing hardware as long as it all looks sound once you get it off the old mast and can inspect the hidden surfaces. Easy enough to drill out the old rivets.. suggest you invest in a high quality riveter (and rivets) if that's how you plan to reinstall everything.

Never say never when it comes to spinnakers ! ;)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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