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Is this hull patched?

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I inspected a used boat today and the boat has potential to consider making an offer, but I'm trying to determine if a mismatch in the gelcoat indicates a major repair was done on the hull.

If you look carefully at the exterior, there is a large area on the port side between the bootstripe and the gunwale, directly below the two large windows, where the gelcoat doesn't match the rest of the hull. When I looked behind the port settee, in this area, the fiberglass is quite irregular, and isn't painted like most of the rest of the interior of the hull. Am I correct to assume there was a major hull repair in this area?

The small wood blocks glassed to the hull support the settee seatback.

I requested a copy of the most recent survey, which I was told was from 2004. What do you think? If there was a major hull repair, I'm pretty reluctant to go forward with an offer.

several more full resolution photos are posted at the link below: there is one photo in this set showing "cracked" blue/grey paint inside the hull that is present almost everywhere else the hull is visible from the interior.

more higher res photos
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If I'm seeing the pictures of the inside of the boat correctly, the repair was made just below the gunwhale. You'd be surprised how many times racing boats get into collisions with other boats going around the course; just ask the insurance company. I would think that there is no structural integrity with the's above the waterline anyway and not near the chainplates. I would have no problem buying the boat pending the surveying confirming what I think and getting an honest reply from the owner. A good surveyor will also have a good feel for the present market and what you should pay.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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