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Islander 36 projects in paradise!!!!!

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Thought some of you might enjoy hellish projects in beautiful scenery and weather

since up north it seems the next ice age is coming! jajaja

some of the stuff we have been doing over the last few months including ditching an engine, bulkheads, chainplates, rigging...blah blah blah

in pics:

more to come!

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Very nice! Looks like you're making excellent progress.

So, what's the deal with the tabbing? I see how far into the bulkhead it goes; why not also that far on the hull? Sorry, not questioning what you did, I'd just like to understand.
hmmm I think its more of an optical ilusion...the white paint extends more on the bulkhead than on the hull...but basically its around 8 inches on either side...on both sides of the bulkhead

I used closed celll foam as a gap...on the side of the hull and up top to the deck down below they are screwed back into the cabinetry like stock....

all sides of the bulkhead and surfaces were epoxied 2 times so they are sealed and holes were potted twice too

this epoxy will later be sanded and varnished but I wanted the tabbing to be done so I could start painting the cabinsides and "roof"

that is what we are doing now...sanding and taking off all chopp strand mat leftovers that were left at the factory...sealing up with resin, sanding again and then getting some nice epoxy white paint like the tabbing has:D

thanks for the cheerup guys...glad you like the work...been having some issues down here lately and well lets just say its tough living down here sometimes but worth it in the end

Im so happy the boat is sort fo coming together

Im a fiddler by nature so I take apart stuff(well my helpers really) too fast, hence all the peripheral projects!

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Very nice! Looks like you're making excellent progress.

So, what's the deal with the tabbing? I see how far into the bulkhead it goes; why not also that far on the hull? Sorry, not questioning what you did, I'd just like to understand.
I see why you are confused...only the main bulkhead tabbing in the side has been painted, the rest are still bare and will be done when finishing painting the cabin sides...

we still have to sand and fair the cabin sides and finish painting...then it will all look even

I think its a decent job, big roving layered and smaller size roving in areas to create layered strength

this CANT be worse than stock tabbing...or chainplate strength either. all bulkheads just had a couple of tabs here and there, single layer...I think I put a pic a few pages back...basically even he main bulkheads that carry upper and intermediate cap shroudes were just tabbed once to the deck and once to the sides

but this boat design has the bulkheads screwed to glass cabinetry that is permanently bonded to the hull so maybe that was their reasoning

hope to strong or too much tabbing here will be an issue:D

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a couple of years is fast bud! some people never understand what work schedules mean down here...its SOMEDAY

and that is an issue Im having to deal with as we speak

for one beer and the beer life on the coast is hard to overcome...
laziness, yes its hot so people just want to chill
infrastructure, country politics, closed streets, corrupt police, bad traffuc, corruption on a local and national scale, bad people, etc..all play a role in why some things just cant be done in a timely manner

oh natural disasters, bad weather...etc...

and lastly labor isnt as cheap and worst of all not as good as it used to you are left with getting ok work that you have to be constantly on top of...

BUT we are getting there

manana hopefully! ajajajajajajajajaajjaajajajajajajajaja
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Excellent job.... And it took me more than a couple of years to find out that "Manana" doesn't mean "tomorrow" it means "Just not today"...
bob your in lund?

my sister lives in VON2GO

lund bc...small world
you might know here, small california blonde named COCO? jajajajajaja

you serious? tell her I said hi! thats awesome!

so least of my new outboards! hell freakin yeah!

Im so ecstatic

evinrude 3.3 is a classic standard for little dinghies on sailboats and my BIG 15hp johnson seahorse another standard

both in great shape

close up of the 3.3

oh and sorry no pics but STANCHIONS installed, bedded and new backing plates with new bolts! jajaja went all out. Pulpit down too...just need to do pushpit, and then its onto davits and finish the outboard mount.


ps. also got a nice fishfinder to play went all out for sure! broke the budget!
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head forward bulkhead fitted and filleted, yay

from the vberth

stanchions installed, need to polish them

pushpit getting installed

thats it for now

oh PS.

MY stuffing box leak is way way down...less than a galon a week

was on the boat monday and now thrusday wasnt enough to overfill the cup I had there

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getting there boss!
man its been a while

but a few updates here

it feels like 1 step forward and 3 back at this point but progress is progress

dodger(stictched up a bit, not the best but fine for around here and coastal)

outboard mount block

davits with treated pine base...its not perfect but will do for now

the davits came out nice...they are clear coated too so should last a bit

tuned the rig, just need to do some tweaking on some tacks each way to get it perfect, whenever that first sail comes by, someday I hope

fairing the cabin sides, Im on the fence with the white top paint but the sides are coming out nicely and will be very smooth!

white cabin top paint...honestly it looke better from a distance...there are so many imperfections, voids, etc that I feel like there is a reason it came with a vynil cover...

thats it for now

the interior is a mess with dust EVERYWHERE and paint spills do one thing and mess up a million more! jajajaja
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some more pics of the top

and the faired sherwin williams jet bond job on the sides, I like this stuff, just like fixing a car with bondo, except this stuff is much better

thats all for now!

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the ones in panama? dunno...

thanks man yeah Im not a fan of waxes and stuff they usually end up damaging more in the long run...Ill try some soap and good old elbow grease I dont usually look throgh dodgers anyway1 jajaj just use them to duck under when needed

anyways yeah its a never ending project...

I though about some sort of glueable txture like vynil without using the traditional foam backing, battens, etc

but my question is this?

how do you glue it and make the holes for the hardaware and backing plates etc?

Im all for ideas right now

Im pretty much up to here with crap, and the white paint at this point is a temporary solution as really there is a ton of OTHER stuff to do still

like installing windows, making a cover for the mainsail, ELECTRICAL, install solar panel, regulator and get the house batteries sorted out

someday, someday

at least the big stuff is done like chainplates, bulkheads,rigging etc
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thanks boss

when the time comes Ill see what I can figure out...for now though its white! jajaja

well for sure there was no dow795 on mine...they had already been done or redone before...

interestingly the lenses are all nice and tight inside the plastic frames so its just a matter of sealing the frames back into the cabins at least for now

well see about the liner or not

I definitely DONT want the original type vynil cover as the zippers all failed and honestly you still couldnt access stuff in order to work on it...Id love to glue some wallpaper ish stuff onto it but I still see that as a lot of work right now

hey some progress! but I need some help guys!

pics first


they will do for now...I need to go over the actual outer rim to plastic joint as maybe some still leak

they do look much better over white than delaminated ply veneer....thats for sure jaja so Im finally complete cabin wise...
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so this is what I need help on:

my main sheet scenario! we took off some damaged hardware on each side of the traveler, it seems this is what Im missing for my mainsheet to go back to the winches Im guessing starboard side under the dodger since I have 3 winches there and 2 on port

this is my "new" main sheet aka washed in the machine with salvadorean downy! I also whipped the ends...the difference in pliabilty and ease of handling is impressive...I recomend this to any one with old rope on their boats btw

see this little sheave, its mounted on this custom wood block...Im trying to guess the angles here but IM ASSUMING it leads back under the dodger to one of the winches

my question is is this only one side...(the blocks of wood are on both side, but they were pretty damaged...

how would you guys run the mainsheet? this is beleive it or not my first mid boom sheeting system! jajaja

this is the hardware I have upfront...the eye should be for the vang as well as 2 sets of sheaves on each side that allow for it to be adjusted under the dodger...

however Im assuming also the po led all lines aft, so they might be simply for the halyards

Im not going thata route I like my halyards at the mast, I also whipped them new again...

any and all help appreciated!
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last time out I pseudo polished the stanchions...not too shabby for simple kitchen stainless paste they sell at the hardware store....just with a rag...

thats it for now!
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port side winches

and stbd

in this pic I was trying to guess the angle of the mainsheet coming back "using" these blocks on each side of the traveler but Im stumped

maybe Im brain farting here but what other solutions are there here with what I have?

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Christian, the sheave looks like it might be for the outer-most winch on the starboard side, and I believe that's for the mainsheet. If you look closely at the pictures of this Islander:
1977 Islander 36 Sail Boat For Sale -

It looks like they run the mainsheet forward to a block at the base of the boom, then down to one of those spring-loaded blocks in your picture, then out to the sheave in question, then back to the winch.
thanks man! I have been pondering pics all last night...

it does seem its this way but they go down to the deck...

not to one of the sheaves on the wood block at the end of each side of the traveller

Im brain farting on what those would be for? The good news is it doesnt look like I need them for now!

It looks like the same goes for whatever boom vang I setup, it looks like it goes on port side...down to the deck sheaves and back to the port side winches...

thanks so much man!:)
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This one shows another way of doing it:
1974 Islander 36 Sail Boat For Sale -

If you look at the 7th picture, just before the interior shots, you'll see how they did it.
thats goes UNDER the traveler base...seems though my outernmost winch wont be able to do that without messing up the dodger angles...


thanks again
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