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Make a check list of things to do. You will be easily distracted and could forget something.

Lift the floorboard that allows access to your bilge at the lowest point and have a torch handy to check for leaks on launch.

If you have a dripless seal you may need to 'burp' it.

When you start the engine make certain that your exhaust is pushing water out BEFORE you leave the dock.

With a center boarder you want to arrange with the yard to let you drop the board so you can check the cable, connections and put a coat of antifoul on the board before you splash. Some yards will leave you in slings over lunch/night with out an extra charge.

My board is fully swung past the point I use when sailing to allow access to the linkage.

It helps to have a machete to hand to clean the growth out of the centerboard trunk.

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