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All good advice, I would add(in case it hasn't been mentioned already) Take your time when the boat is in but still in it's slings. Meaning don't rush as you check for leaks and ensure the engine is running and spitting water before you give the ok to remove the slings. If your drop in day is like mine there will be plenty of people watching including the guy next after you, ignore them all. It's a good idea to let the supervisor know it is your first time. They usually want it to go as well as you and rushing never helps speed things up. People who operate cranes/lifts for a living know that better than most.

Edit: one more point, stay out of the way. Not sure how it works at your marina but at mine I don't get involved while the boat is being slinged up and dropped. I watch yes, call out if I see something that I don't like but I don't help. I only board the boat after the supervisor gives me the go ahead to to so. For two reasons;
1) The people doing this should know what they are doing, let them do it, they generally don't like or want help.
2) Liability. The odds of something going wrong are slim if it it does I don't want my proverbial finger prints on it.

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