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Does anybody have some resources on how to figure out a good ballpark value for a given J22? I'm interested in knowing: What brings the price up or down? What are common problems to be aware of? What traits make a trailer more or less valuable?

To be a little more specific, I am looking at a J22 with a lot of problems but which also could be useful for parts. I'm trying to figure out what's a fair value for it. Here are some details:
-Serious rot in main bulkhead, especially around chainplates (likely needs replacement)
-Some rot in hull and deck
-Topsides are badly scratched up
-Some cracking in rudder
-Mast may or may not have a slight amount of bend in it
-Generally kind of run-down looking
-Winches are in good condition
-Comes with a single-axle trailer, 6 screw-adjustable pads (may or may not have brakes)

Anyhow, anybody willing to explain how to put a dollar figure on this boat? I've (fruitlessly) looked for resources online and am hoping somebody here might be able to steer me in the right direction.


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What parts are you looking for from this boat?

The J/22 is a great boat but unless you already have one the value of the parts will be only the cash value you can expect to sell them for.

To me if the Hull were wet that would be the deal breaker. A bulkhead can be replaced (not a fun or easy job), decks can easily have wet sections replaced.

But if the spar is shot that is a lot of money. A J/22 with a trashed mast and hull is not worth very much at all in my opinion. (unless of course it has great sails that are new).

Sorry this doesn't sound like much help but your description of this boat is not very glowing. You basically said the hull, deck, mast and bulkheads are shot. There are not a lot of major components left after that. Spinnaker pole, boom, blocks, winches, miscellaneous gear.

RNSYS in Halifax has a small fleet of these for LTS. This sort of miscellaneous gear might be good in that situaton - but if the boat is as bad as you say then it has very little value.

You might want to get a moisture meter or someone good with one and take a real look at hull, deck and bulkheads andasses mast before you make a decision.

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