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The J22 is a very responsive boat, but they are all a handful on a 'very windy day'. Go out in moderate wind next time, you'll like it. If the wind is crosswise to the channel, then it's simple, use both sails, sailing on a reach (wind crossways, sails halfway out) both out, and back in.

Wind parallel to channel? Then one way is easy with wind behind you and sails way out, the other direction is a zig-zag with sails close-hauled, a "beat", which is more complicated. That's when a motor would help, if you have to stay within the channel limits.

The advice above is all good. I'm not sure a motor is that much of a necessity on a nice day with steady breeze but then again I don't know the locale you are describing.

Anyway, you have a good attitude, keep sailing and good luck.
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