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I own a J/24 and would have to recommend it as a first boat.
The J/24 is a spirited boat to sail, in light air she is fun, in med-heavy air
she is a blast. The J is a racing boat so accommodations are sparse but not appalling,
if you are looking for a "living room" with sails then go with the the others. You will
never outgrow the J/24, 4000 of the 5500 produced are being raced all over the world,
a testament to the performance and durability. Most of these boats are 20 years old and
command high price in race condition. If you find a "J" for under $7000 in any condition it''s a
good deal, as long as the hull is in good shape, every thing else is easy to fix. Most ''79-''83s sell for
$9000-$15000, not bad resale, what dose a 20 year old Catalina sell for? Due to the fact that
the boat is raced there are many used sails and parts on the market, most with only one season or regatta,usually at 50% or retail. If you are interested in sailing on a J/24 let me know, i will contact the fleet captain in your area and you can see for yourself. This offer goes for anyone else reading this post. If your anywhere near chicago
come on down you won''t be disappointed. We sail two to three times a week, i can''t say that about the hundreds of cruising
boats i see, week after week just swinging around there mooring.

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