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Before our cruising life began, I went to a construction sling outfit (anytime you get a marine item from a non marine outlet, you save money), and bought a 300 foot roll of 2" webbing, and had them sew a loop in each end. Then I took it to Faith and looped the loop through and over the starboard bow cleat. I ran to the starboard stern cleat, inside of the jib traveller, so I only had to contend with the jib sheet from the traveller to the winch to go from bow to stern. I then ran this line to the port stern cleat, to move on the aft deck. With all the cleats tied off, I cut it and welded the raw end here.

Then I began at the port bow cleat, and did the same, but cut it at the port stern cleat. Using two tethers, I could safely walk the perimeter of Faith, a 56' monohull, and always clip the second tether before releasing the first to go over the sheets, or cleats.

The 2" webbing had much less stretch than the 1" available at the chandlers, and was less money too.
Note the yellow jackline wrapped on the aft starboard cleat below.

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