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Jeanneau SO 379 vs. Bavaria Cruiser 37

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We are planning to purchase a new, 37-40' boat that is very easy to sail (single-handed at times), since we have two very young kids.

We saw two new boats, Jeanneau SO 379 and Bavaria Cruiser 37, at New England Boat Show that are very close to what we need.

Can you help us with selecting one from these two?

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One other thing to keep in mind is that Jeanneau/Beneteau seems to be expanding in the US, and Bavaria seems to have shut down at least a few dealerships. (including the one near me) So getting service on a Jeanneau may well be easier, especially if you happen to breakdown away from home. Also the dealership that you are most comfortable with can make a huge difference as well, since you will likely be making several return visits in that first year.

I know it will come up, as we are a cheap bunch of SOBs here on sailinet, have you considered used? Sailboats are not like a car where they are delivered almost trouble free then wear out over the next few years becoming less reliable. Likely going to have to return to the dealer several times during the first year or two. There are lots of complicated systems that may need adjustments/refinements. So buying used (say a few years old) normally the bugs will be worked out, and perhaps electronics and what not added. You also don't take that big depreciation hit. I will say first year depreciation seems to me to be less than many make it out to be.

Based purely on looks I think the Jeanneau wins hands down, but I have not been on either one in person.
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