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Some of you are already aware of Jessica Watson, but for those of you who are not she is a 15 soon to be 16 year old Australian girl who is about to embark on an attempt to break the record for the Youngest non-stop and unassisted circumnavigation....

She hit the OZ media this week here is one article..

Jessica is no cotton wool kid | Herald Sun

Her Blog can be found at

Jessica Watson - Youngest Around the World Sailing Attempt

These attempts are often met with much discussion, sometimes optimistic and supportive sometimes not.....for my part I have some fears and concerns but I sincerely wish her well.

Oh, for those interested she is attempting it in a Sparkman and Stephens 34, the same yacht Australian Jesse Martin broke this record in.

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I have no problem with these kids. It's the parents I have an issue with.
I'm kind of with you on that. Indeed the parental influence puts me right off. I stopped reading the blog by that young American kid Zac for that very reason.

Good on them for giving it a go but you have to wonder where it will all end ?
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