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Jib/Genny sheet question

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So I am going to have a jib bag customer made with a drainage screen at the very btoom. I will have the jib haylard raise it above deck when I am gone (stuff when I am there but flake and store in jib bag when I am gone). Just curious on the jib sheets though. Would I want to disconnect those and keep in the cabin or have them just go up and into the jib bag when gone? If it is more common to disconnect them when leaving, can one use lets say a piston shackle to connect to the clew instead of having to tie a new bowline twice each weekend? Not that tying a bowline is hard but just thinnking of ease.
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Agreed on both, a shackle could hurt if whipped and no a bowline doesn't take long to tie..was just curious if others used a shackle or something else to secure their jib sheets to the jib. I agree on not leaving lines out to the sun. I will always store my jib lines in the cabin when gone.
I was just reading on the soft shackles. Pretty cool! I guess for my small tub I could just find the middle of the sheet and put it through the clew and then run both ends through that, cinch tight and that would probably work. The previous owner used a snap shackle on the jib sheets and ran his line this way. He also only ran the 150% genny and I couldn't imagine how often the shackle banged on the things while tacking.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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