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I stopped at question #2, which concludes that a wooden hull is necessarily more "seaworthy" than any other material. How idiotic! Yes, there are a lot of seaworthy wood-hull boats out there. But there are also a lot of wooden boats that are NOT seaworthy, and plenty of extremely seaworthy fiberglass, steel, and aluminum boats. To automatically give more points to wood is just dumb!
I saw that too, and I thought it was interesting, but unlike most people here I owned a wood boat for a few years. As a disclaimer, obviously he is not talking about resurrecting or even just buying used boats - when he says wood is good, he means in a well-found boat in perfect (dry!) condition.

I think the explanation is simple: wood can take abuse and retain a lot of its strength. There's typically a lot more thickness of wood than any other skin material in a hull, and it doesn't shatter or rip. Note that he only gave wood one more point than GRP or alum, and he doesn't consider steel because he's specifically talking about small boats. I bet if he were rating bigger boats, steel would top the list.
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