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Joshua Slocum

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Hello. I had a quick question! What is the name of Joshua Slocum''s (the first guy to solo circumnavigate the globe)Boat? Thanks for any help! -SAILBOATSHARK
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His boat was named Spray. Spray was given to Josh as joke. She was a wreck of an old oyster smack that had been hauled into a field to rot away. Josh rebuilt from the bottom up so that little of the old boat was actually left. There were strories of Josh walking around town looking for the right shaped tree branch to make a frame and then getting permission (or not) to cut the limb and fit it into Spray.

Having read hos and other accounts, I have always concluded that Slocum got around the world dispite Spray but not because of her. She would fail on any objective modern standard such as ultimate stability, length to beam, ballast ratio, displ/length or comfort at sea. But that did not stop Josh on his first trip around. No one seems to remember that he was lost without a trace on the first leg of his second trip.
Just out of curiosity, why do you ask?
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I was being quizzed about it, and since I know that you guys know a lot on these boards so I thought I would ask! Thank you for all the info! I looked on Encarta and they didn''t even have Joshua on there and it is an encyclopedia! Thanks again! -Sailboatshark
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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