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the sailing and the lifestyle are not the problem here. it is the illness and her seasickness and his lack of concern for his spouses seasickness as she puked into baby poop which was spawned by salmonella. touch something on board and cross contamination. get real. baby relapsed or reinfected and momma was seasick because of daddys choice in point of sail. pushed boat very hard with sick wife and sicker kid. read their blogs side by side before making decisions. was his first offshore passage. was his first year of international sail cruising. he had spent some time in catalina prior to sailing straight to puerta vallarta for birth of second daughter.
she asked me where is a good hospital, i advised.
i also had to enjoy an attitude problem from him. something about bullying women and general male insecurity.
this is not part of our lifestyle, in general. it is specific only to some families and pairs and individuals but not all of cruising under sail is this.
judge individually not in general.
there are many excellent family teams with young kids cruising and enjoying it without illness and drama. many are online. some are in this forum somewhere.
one is bumfuzzle, now rv cruising.
one is hotspur, now puddlejumping, raised kids on board ..met them a couple of times...fine souls.
excellent teams.
yet we only really hear from or about one of these families, and in a well deserved or not negative fashion.
this isnt the way it really is, guys. re examine other bumfuzzle blog. find others with babies on board. converse with them. learn the positivity in this lifestyle for kids and families as well as old folks.

btw th e boat was scuttkled well north of any trade winds. he was beating on prefrontals he thought were trades. easy mistake. but why the hurry and what is the schedule he was trying to keep....pushing pushing so it was uncomfortable for a spouse with history of seasickness who flew most places. just offerin up, here from their own writings...make your own judgements. i was taught that teams worked TOGETHER not against each other.
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