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I've just bought my first boat, a C&C 33 (1976).

The previous owner and the broker have offered to help me get it in the water and set it up for sailing, which is fantastic (a condition of my offer actually)

are there any lists on the net of things I need to do to get the boat ready for sailing?

also, are there any really important things I should know about this boat? I'm getting a survey this week by the way.


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You are buying a very sweet boat, but be sure to include an engine survey. I assume the boat has the original A4, so the cost of a replacement would be only half that of a diesel, but given that its gas, all the more reason to start off knowing it is shipshape.

Minimal things typically done annually include;
1. engine oil change, new impeller and tuneup
2. clean and wax topsides
3. service winches ( you have a lot of these...)
4. paint bottom as needed
5. replace zincs as needed
6. clean/coat/recoat exterior teak
7. service/check seacocks
8. check all lights

I'm sure I've missed some. You might also ask the PO what was on his to-do list, as this becomes your to-d0 list, but don't expect that the PO will be too forthcoming, whatever he/she may be hiding will remain hidden, that's the way it works.

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I own a 76 33 aswell.
Its an awesome boat, you will love it.
shes fast, points well, doesnt need alot of wind to move but hates wake on the quarter stern.
I have all the original build sheets,engine manuals,brochures,wiring diagrams,places to find original/aftermarket parts etc....
I also have a large sail inventory so if you need any measurements or choices on what to use and when lmk.
Dont fear the atomic 4.Its a great engine and with a little knowhow they are super reliable, smooth and very easy to work on.
Prop choice is vital as she has a reduction gear tranny.
Things to keep your eyes open for are the coring on the deck, the seating of the bulkheads,cockpit floor core, sail locker covers, coach roof near the upper winch plates, toe rail to deck seal, engine and sailing instruments, the windows for water leaks and all the other things associated with a 33 year old boat.
My boat originally came out of salt water and if this is the case on the boat your looking at I would go over all the thru hull fittings and fresh water system for the engine very carefully.
Chances are the hull will be fine as they were built like tanks.
If you have any questions at all just send me a pm.
Congrats, you made a good choice.

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I own a C&C 32 which has a Yanmar 15hp. I belive this was an option on yours and you may have it. Make sure you replace all 4 zincs. Getting plugsoff mine took two trips from Marine Repair. When plugs were off to no surprise there where no zincs left so guess the engine was luckey I caught this right away. Good luck! - Ken
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