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Just purchased a 1971 27 Morgan

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Sailed it for the past 2 days and love it.
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Replacing flooring (plywood) underneath aluminum mast plate screwed to it.


Any suggestions on how to remove the plywood from underneath the mast base plate?

I bought the boat this weekend for $100.00

1971 27' Morgan

Sailed it down from Trout River to Beaches Marina in Jax Beach. Had a blast. She points so well that you don't even realize how close you are to coming about. My amatuer statis was all to evident in the 15 Knot winds.

I got to get her back out there, but this time in style... I have been spending all week cleaning her up.

I have cleaned the layers and layers of scum due to neglect from the past 2 years. She cleaned up nicely, but the plywood floor has to go, it smells like the rubber mat's behind a bar. She is really sitting high out of the water, it seems the top of the waterline is about 6 inches above the water.

Scummy is the only word to describe it, The plywood is rotted at the bottom. I got most of the floor out but I still need to tackle the flooring underneath the mast. UUHHHGGG.

I was thinking I would have to loosen the standing rigging for this proccess. This is the last phase of my initial interior gutting and cleaning. I got the head operational.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I should have taken a picture of it.
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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