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Just signed up on this forum

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Hi ,

Just signed up on this forum we are raising the mast on a catalina 22 sailboat and having lots of fun with it. What's the bets way to raise the mast without it falling onto your home :)

Thanks for any input that you can give.
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Welcome to the asylum. I'm sure someone with small boat experience will respond, or you can start a post in general discussion for help. The smallest sail boat I ever was on is a 30 ft,the one I now have, so I'm of no help on yours.
Hey Geek - welcome SN, dude.

I'd say move the house. The boat always comes first.
Madgeek, welcome. I too sail a C22. I'm going to attempt to post a couple pictures here that show my mast raising system. Unfortunately, they show it with the mast already up, but the major components are visibility and you can see how they are hooked up.

If my photos don't come up, I recommend you go to YouTube and query mast raising or mast stepping. You'll see some video on the techniques people use to get the mast up and down.

Madgeek. My attempt to import a picture from the photobucket failed, as did my attempt to import it from my own hard drive. Sorry.

Y'all, I followed the directions in the sticky note on posting pictures. Nothing happened. I use a Mac OS X.
Madgeek, Not sure I did it right, but it seems to have come up.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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