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Hello all,
My name is John and I have recently got the urge again to live and sail. So, I am here to gather info and make some new acquaintances/friends.
I recently retired from the USAF and I am looking for work to tie me over until my daughter graduates high school. At that time I want to start living aboard and sailing the coasts of the Americas. My grandfather lived on a couple of boats on and off during his life and I remember visiting him once when I was 15. The boat was small (26’ I think), it smelled, the ocean smelled, and I could not imagine why anyone would want to live like that. Twenty five years later, I know understand why.
The urge to start sailing hit me 2002 (June-Aug) when I was sent to Naples Italy in support of NATO operations. This TDY (temporary duty) was a dream! A hotel with a view of the Med (close enough I could throw a rock and hit the water), rental car, and enough off duty time to take in the sites. Sadly subsequent TDY’s weren’t as nice, Saudi, Bulgaria, Iraq… nowhere near as picturesque. While in Italy I visited the Isle of Capri a couple of times. I noticed the sailboat anchored around the isle and I started dreaming of a life were I could such a thing myself. But, the dream faded as reality set in. Retirement was at least six years away, I was a single parent (2 daughters), I am not found of sea food, the thought of gutting a fish made me retch, and I was/am afraid of the water.
Well, retirement happened, one daughter has married and moved away, I can learn to like more types of fish (if I just try them), I am less squeamish about fish gutting, and I can deal with my water fear, (I have always enjoyed water sports and swimming, I just was always scared or nervous while doing so.) I now have the urge again and want to start working towards that goal. My youngest graduates in 2012, and at that time I want to start a new life on the sea. I have many, many questions, but I will try to farm them out to the appropriate forums instead of creating a laundry list here.
Anyway, thank you for reading, and hello!
(lost in the panhandle Florida)
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