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While this is the wrong place for an ad, it is a very interesting boat. I like the basic concept of the boat but there seems to be a lot of items that are not very well resolved. As I look at the drawings I have a number of questions and Comments as follows:
1. What is the rig? (You don''t show a sail plan.)

2. You show an articulated bowsprit with its pivot point right at the stemhead fitting. Looking at the perspective and deck plan you show roller furling jib hardware with the drum mounted quite close to the deck. How does the bowsprit work with the stem fitting and roller furling drum exactly where the sprit wants to be as well? I have the same question about anchor handling gear.

3. I have questions about how the boat actually functions under way.
-For example, how does one work at the galley when the boat is on the starboard tack in a breeze?
-What keeps the sink from filling with seawater when on port tack in a breeze?
-The deck at the dinette appears to be over a foot (30-40 cm.) off of the cabin sole.
-How do the stools work heeled over on port tack especially since you feet can''t reach the deck to stabilize their position?
-Even though you do not show a body plan (sections), with the cabin sole as low as it is and the walking surface extending as far out toward max beam as it does, it would appear that the deck would hit hull long before the inboard face of the galley. How does that work with your transverse frames and with the surface of the deck?
-You have a lot of hanging lockers. Hanging lockers are really not very useful on a boat underway as they really beat the living daylights out if your clothes and a large proportion of your clothes end up on the deck. What are your thoughts here?
-For a "modern" 40 footer it is odd not to have a dedicated shower rather than hosing down the entire head evey time you take a shower. What are you thoughts on that?
-Is there standing head room in the Head and Forward Cabin?

4. I also had some questions about the layout details.
-With the engine mounted backwards, how do you get to the dipstick and water fill which would be on the aft end of the engine as installed?
-On the deck plan you show the halyards run aft to the cockpit, a feature I applaud but the ''organizers''(deck turning blocks) are shown quite far aft. It would appear that a straight lead from the turning blocks at the mast base to the organizers would hit the cabin top. How was this resolved on the actual boat?
-I notice that the mainsheet is lead to the cockpit, which I applaud, but as long as you are going to have to interupt the bimini and dodger, why in the heck would you put a mid boom, cabin top mounted traveler (with its greater friction and difficulty in being played) on a "modern" sailing yacht?

I think these are enough questions for one morning so I won''t even touch on trying to exit the cockpit with the high coamings and a dodger or the thin matresses since I assume these details will get sorted out if one of these boats ever get built.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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