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Kaidoz 31

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Has anyone read the article on the Kaidoz 31? Something Bold, Something New

It has an inflatable "cabintop" that can be used in various configurations. Currently I'm building a Core Sound 17 and want to use a version of this concept for my boat.

I cannot find any other reviews of the Kaidoz online or any details on the inflatible system works..

Does anyone have any ideas, or know of resources to build inflatible tubes to do something similiar?
V/R Edward
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It isn't really an "inflatable cabintop", as it appears to use pieces that run in tracks along the two fiberglass arches. You can clearly see the tracks in the arches in this photo. The primary supports for the inflatable cabintop are the fiberglass arches shown in the photo. I don't think you could build something similar with purely inflatable components without the supports being overly large.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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