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Dear Kjzerr:

I feel your pain and disgust. We also had the Osprey invasion. After being away for the weekdays, we would come back to the boat (at the time on a mooring) to find what looked like someone was building a bonfire on our bowsprit or our solar panel. I used a net on the bow that worked for some time but then they started to build on the net. Tried swinging, dangling things without success. My solar panel was out between our davits without anything to suspend over it.

I finally gave up. Nothing worked for us and I am sure that sort of a shotgun, it is mighty hard to discourage a committed Osprey if you are not aboard all the time. We came back into a slip this year. The Osprey's won that battle.

The filth they produce with their fish meals is amazing. We had that plus the nest construction. Any canvas will be ruined and the smell is overpowering. I guess they are protected and we love to watch them fly and fish. We just don't want to share their meal in fish dropped on deck to bake in the sun and stick to everything or host their large nests.

Good luck. Seems like a good time to spend more time aboard. That works....they don't want to live with us either. :D

Leslie KB3PWC

s/v Tango, Cabo Rico 34
Lankford Bay Marina
Chester River, MD
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