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Like a road trip only more fun!

Our kids are older now, but many of the activities that kept them occupied during long car trips translate well to sailing voyages, like:

  • Travel Bingo: make up things to look for and have kids check off a list to see who can find the most...buoys, watertowers, jellyfish, whatever interesting things you can think of to see.
  • Trip Log: get an inexpensive notebook and have the kids keep a log for you. Every so often do a heading, position, wind and conditions report along with interesting sightings...later, they can add comments, etc that will help them remember THAT special trip. Paste in pictures, that special shell, etc.
  • Print out Google maps of the trip, "laminate" them with clear contact paper, and provide markers for them to plot the trip.
  • Get a bird book for your area; fish book, too. Play ID THAT CREATURE I wish I had grandkids!
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