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On our sailboat, everyone has a job to do. The youngest stays in the cockpit or below unless there's an adult out on the bow. Her job is to spot buoys, which, for her, are often the one's we just passed, but darn it, aren't they important to be reminded about too!?!? The slightly older kids are lookouts for things like lobster pot buoys and navigation buoys, and they really help. (At haulout I had a nice thick rope wrapped around the prop shaft, probably from when they weren't with me.) The kids that are older help to steer and take turns at the helm. Oh, and the youngest can "stand" inside the wheel and enjoys the ride (think Leonardo Davinci's guy inside the circle).

We spotted a large white object last summer, turned out to be a floating mass of white balloons, that added some enjoyment. One kid let their balloon go by mistake and we never could overtake it, but just watched it recede into the distance.

This summer we'll increase the fishing and definitely try the kite flying thing. I may try the binoculars idea too.

This was on land, but was effective: I asked the oldest child to teach one of the younger kids all the parts on their sailing dinghy that they could (I think I may have had a reward for the 2 of them, depending on how many things the younger one could name.) There was a lot of pride and excellent learning that took place.

Also we use puzzles. We have board games but haven't used them too much. Dolls and doll clothing/accessories are good too.

They love to jump off the boat, and using a digital camera, they try to get pictures of the kids in mid air.

We aren't real fond of Lego at home, after stepping barefoot on too many pieces, so maybe that's why we haven't brought Lego along.

Swimming is a big factor too. We try to anchor where there's some good swimming and good shore exploring (whether woods/beach or town/ice cream).

Any child that has helped on the boat I call "crew" ever after, since they've earned the title after week on the boat. Really everyone's a helper and seems to enjoy being a part of the team.
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