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Help appreciated! We need to replace our old wet exhaust system on our Kenner Privateer 26.5'. It has a small Petter diesel engine, (English made, 5 BHP) and is 45 years old. Run not more than 90 – 100 hours total. The Mistress has always lived in a slip at Cave Run Lake in Morehead, KY.

We have a good size hole in the iron exhaust pipe (1.3” OD) wrapped in ¼” copper coil with engine water running through the entire length of the exhaust pipe (making coiled pipe about 1.8” OD) – about 3 feet length overall + fittings to the muffler, then a rubber hose to outside right below water line.

I have attached detailed drawing of the current exhaust system with measurements. Followed by several photos closeup.


1. Want to replace with dry system for front compartment (manifold to high point) then go to wet system after highest point down to the muffler.
2. Space is VERY limited in the engine compartment as total width of exhaust is about 1.8” counting the copper coil wrap. Lays on edge of engine on one side and then only about 2” of open area to spare to the side wall.
3. Since no “cookie cutter” dry system will work, have read that iron pipe (and fittings) wrapped in heat resistant tape might be a way to go. Can get fittings to make the turns. However might be labor intensive???? Or not???? Then wet system on the downhill side.
4. Have been told this small an engine (5 BHP) does not need to worry about back pressure.
5. Any opinion on just cutting out section with hole (near muffler) and welding in a new piece of pipe, then re-wrapping copper coil?
5. Who has replaced and how?
6. If you respond (please do), keep terminology/jargon simple!


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