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Naptha is available at Home Depot.

They "company line" is that reporting a wide range allows for variability in the product. The real reason is they don't want to give you the exact composition to prevent you from using the MSDS to formulate your own product instead of buying theirs. ;)
Yeah they have several motives at work....Napha is more volatile and often used when a quick set is desireable. Kero if used needs to be the highly refined grade. Good mineral spirits is compatible with brightsides but as sold tends to be quite variable in formula from brand to brand or even batch to batch.(often true with lacquer thinner) too much naptha tends to reduce gloss. Too much of any of them degrades the cohesion of the resin which is the basis of the paints durability. One of the nicest tricks is adding a bit of Penetrol which was used like the magik elixir by boat yard painters with the early poly paints in the early to late seventies...they often achieved mirror finishes by brush application. quite an art!

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