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With my sailboat being where I can't easily get to it (Marsh Harbor, Abaco), I need something to kill time so I work on my homebuilt 20' Tolman powerboat.
My fishfinder died, it was only a cheap $90.00 Hummingbird from Wal mart but it wouldnt even come on. Hmmmmmm..........measure continuity of the electrical leads, seems ok. Seems to get about 9 V, probably losing 3V from trying to hold the VOM leads on the pins, so it seems ok. Dang thing has probably just died, cheap Chinese stuff, no surprise but it lasted a year with my son abusing it and he will want to use the boat again so I'll just replace it.
I buy a new one (remember, I do not keep receipts) and IT DOESN'T WORK EITHER. WHAT?
I connect it directly to battery, it works. Measure continuity of leads, good.
Finally, I begin checking voltage drops along each wire. A fuse holder is dropping 3.5 V, CRAZY. This fuse holder seems to have a wire broken inside the insulation causing high resistance. Replace fuse holder.
Now I have two working fish finders......
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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