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I had a KISS on my boat for 5 years and loved it...

1. Very simple and solid construction.

2. Built by Doug Billings in Trinidad (I bought mine while down there) he is great to deal with. I would not begrudge the extra $200 to SV Hotwire if you were buying it in the US. Great people and very knowledgeable.

3. The only issues were some cracking on the blades after 5 years of use ($200 replacement, if I remember correctly). If it overheats when running in very strong winds the thermal cutout occurs and then the blades freewheel:eek:. When that happens I just stay below and kick myself for not tying it off earlier. It eventually stops.

4. Keep in mind that it is a "Trade Wind" generator and needs a good breeze to start generating.

Strongly recommended.
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