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Know what boat this is?

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I ran across these photos in an old forum. I've never seen the boat before and can't find any related pics on the web. Does anyone know what boat this is?

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Can you make out that name/marking on the port quarter?

Looks to be a 21ish foot something or other, that name may be helpful..
I was thinking it was a Newport/Capital Yachts...but it seems there might be some name plate/logo on the aft quarter????
San Juan 21?
Oh, thats a good guess. That name plate, if it's a name plate, could start with a J. I don't think the windows are just right for a San Juan 21, but maybe something else by San Juan??????
I had searched google images for Jouet 22 and found some similar, but newer looking designs. Maybe this is one that was limited in production or never made it into production?
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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