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Hi, Suni...

We''ve cruised in company, off & on, with a Lagoon 41 on our passage down to Trinidad, so here are a couple of comments we''ve heard from her owners you might want to consider...
1. If you''ve seen the boat, you know one of her most obvious virtues; the layout is comfy, spacious and workable, for living aboard or going offshore.
2. Like other cats, she''s weight limited. On the first attempt (which had to be abandoned), the owners found they couldn''t carry near the stores & ''stuff'' they''d put aboard and had to return to Florida to offload. This is especially true if you trick out the boat like they had (gen set, 2 AC units, etc.).
3. They found wave slap (bridge deck clearance isn''t what it could be) and the inability to go to weather inherent limitations in the boat''s performance, and adapted to this by being more selective about weather for their passages.
4. I helped the skipper sort out some wiring problems and wondered if the light construction provides the structural integrity for long-term offshore work (re: your comment to eventually use the boat for cruising). I''d seek knowledgeable advice on this aspect of any cat you look seriously at.
5. An elaborate metal framework bimini over the entire cockpit was the single most valued addition to the boat - provided integral davits, engine hoist, lots of shade and made handling the main far eaiser.

Also note the comments about a Dufour 47 in this section; there were some valuable insights there when you consider how much work they''re willing to take on to make an already-large cat more suitable to cruising.

Good luck on the ''hunt''!

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