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Lake Michigan storm

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Last Monday (9/28/09) we had the largest non-winter storm I've ever seen come ashore on the eastern shores of Lake Michigan. Storm force winds in excess of 50 knots and waves of 15-20 feet made for spectacular sights and sounds.

If you're interested, the following are two YouTube links to a couple of videos we took.

Video 1) YouTube - Lake Michigan Storm

Video 2) YouTube - Lake Michigan Storm pt. 2
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Awesome! Nasty bit of business there.

I'm from Michigan too. Saginaw area. I sail mostly on Saginaw Bay.

Nice post.

Where are the 20' waves? If the building on the end of the pier is one storey high, the peak of it's roof would be about 20' up from the bottom of the building. The waves, though large, don't seem to be THAT big. My guess would be perhaps 8 to 10 feet; they seem one storey high, not two. Still not something to head out into!
I can't confirm actual wave heights. The NOAA marine warnings broadcast "Storm force winds exceeding 50 knots with waves 15 to 20 feet."
The outer building is 36ft high according to this site:
Grand haven Lighthouse, MI

If I remember right the pier is normally a few feet above the water (been a while since I've been out there)

One more for perspective:
"Does anyone know where the love of god goes,
when the gales of November come early?"


Impressive storm and footage. Wouldn't want to be out in that mess.

Hopefully your new boat was in a well-protected harbor. By the way, how are things going with her?
I remember seeing it like that when I was growing up there, I was born and rased in the saginaw bay area till I joined the navy. now I stay out of the cold...
There were 4 to 5 footers at the West end of the lake (Waukegan)on Monday. Impressive , considering no fetch. Checked the lines and went home- Sunday afternon was fun, 20's to 30's just did jib and mizzen. :D
I checked my docklines twice on Monday and added a couple for extra security. My boat was heeled at 30+ sitting in the slip.
We ended up with 12 lines on the boat tied 14 times.
Holland Channel, much the same as GH.
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We ended up with 12 lines on the boat tied 14 times.
Holland Channel, much the same as GH.
Yuk! :eek: You guys in Mich. really get nailed by the Westerlies.
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