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Lots of boats in the 28' to 32' range have tabernacle rigs in Mission Bay San Diego and Santa Cruz California. I have an Ericson 28 with such a rig. If your not familiar with this particular, common set up, this post may not make sense to you.

The bridge I need to go under for ocean day sailing has a clearance of 34' at high tide and 41' at low tide. My air draft or bridge clearance is about 46'.

I know others sail single handed under bridges like this. I have a 130 Genoa on a CDI roller Furler which makes sail handling a breeze. From what I understand, I need to detach the furler drum and fasten it to the mast or shroud in order to tabernacle. This is extremely difficult to do alone at the dock. I can't see doing it in the water. The sail, drum, and tension even with the back stay eased it tight.

What is my best plan of attack? I'm considering getting rid of the furler, and putting on a jib, but the boat sails wonderfully under that head sail alone.

If I can drop the mast far enough, the flexible furler extrusion seems like it would be forgiving enough for me to bend it as I lower the mast, but I don't know if that is a good idea with all that weight forward.

Is there an easy way to rig the furler drum so it can be attached and pulled tight quickly?

I love my boat, my family loves the club we belong to. How can I get under that bridge without help from crew?

Anyone have experience with this? I'm at a loss.

I attached the tabernacle instructions for anyone who is curious about how it works.


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This will take some organizing.. but it's another technique....

I know - probably not helpful, but it's very difficult to imagine an easy way to drop your rig quickly with that setup and the furler..
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