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Lashing lifelines

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Can someone point me to an article/how-to on the proper way to tie either of these lashing arrangements?


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That crimp on the lower one is scary. I've seen several of those pop out. My old boomvang is somewhere at the bottom of SF Bay thanks to one of those.
My first boat's (31ft 10,000lb wooden sloop) standing rigging used those nicopress fittings, with 1x19 wire BENT around a regular sized thimble. That boat had 2 sleeves on each end "for good measure".

There was a lot about that boat that was just plain wrong, including how the keel was supported which resulted in me cracking the hull. It's amazing it held up as well as it did considering all that was not right with it.....

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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