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Lashing lifelines

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Can someone point me to an article/how-to on the proper way to tie either of these lashing arrangements?


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While we are on the subject of lifelines, what size of line are people using for the actual lifelines made out of dyneema, amsteel etc?
I ignored the minimums and use the largest size I could fit thru the lifeline grommets of my boat. I think it was 1/4" but it may have been 5/16 or 3/8. It is an intersting issue since the chaff guards add a lot more chaff resistance than upsizing the line, but the extra line size adds a lot of safety margin. For my cruising boat I went with the largest size possible. For a race boat I would probably go with dyneema chaff guards on the minimum size line, for a cruiser the largest size that would fit.
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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