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A previous owner of my 34’ removed a Lavac toilet and installed a Groco Type K. The Lavac was gone and the Groco in place when I got the boat. The Lavac hand pump had been mounted in the head compartment on the surface of the bulkhead with the vee berth just below the height of the counter top. The hoses to and from the pump passed out of holes drilled in the cabinetwork between the cabinet door and the bulkhead, one high near the top of the cabinet door and one low nearly level with the bottom of the cabinet door. I know this because I completed the transition from Lavac to Groco by filling the four screw holes in the bulkhead with colored compound to match the laminate and plugging the two large holes in the cabinet face with varnished teak disks.

Bill Murdoch
1988 PSC 34
Irish Eyes
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