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I am also collecting water in the bilge which I believe to be fresh water.
I have checked: most toe rail bolts, windows, chain plates, cockpit scuppers (by looking for water tracking and inspection while raining, also filling cockpit with water a bit), anchor chain hinged hatch, rudder packing, mechanical shaft seal, cockpit hatch over 'new' engine. There is a little pocket on the starboard side by the forward port side of the diesel tank which collects water. This water is then drained to the bilge through a drainage hole located there which drains water forward of the battery box under the companionway and into the bilge. I think this location is part of the pathway of the water ingress. I note that from time to time there is water collected in the aft portion of the starboard 'vertical' storage compartment behind the settee. I have wondered if this is condensation on the inside of the hull collecting. I will recheck the toe rail bolts above. I have placed tell tale paper towels all over the place to see if they get wet, for example in the hull hatch in the head, both sides and forward, on the insides of the starboard hull where it is accessible through the storage openings behind the settee, in the fiberglass channels on each side of the engine, an the channel under the engine. My best lead appears to be the starboard side somewhere behind the hanging locker. Perhaps it is coming in by a deck fitting to the starboard side of the companionway where the main halliard winch is mounted on top adjacent to the sliding hatch and then running down the inside of the aft portion of the cabin on the starboard side. I removed the electrical panel mounted there and looked inside but did not see a leak. Hmmm. Well I hope this will help others to think of where their leaks might be coming from; for me I will keep looking when time permits.

PS - I wondered if my bilge pump had been operating. I was going to put an hour meter on it, but instead I put a teaspoon of food colouring in the bilge water. It has not diluted its colour much in a couple months, so there is not much flow. If the bilge pump had run, I would expect the food colouring to be diluted.
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