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Last September I had filled the poly. water tank. When I returned to the boat the next day it was 1/3 full ( or 2/3's empty depending on how you see it) and the bilge had a fair bit of water. I drained the bilge and refilled the tank. I checked all the hoses and connections and saw no leaks. Three days later it was again at the same level ( 1/3 full). I took the tank home, set it up on my workmate, as the bottom was on an angle, and filled it. The next day it was still full. Took it back to the boat and went thru the same scenario again.
At the end of the season I brought it home and found a plastic welding business. Before I took it to him just after Christmas I again set it up on the workmate and filled. This time I found a very slow seep at an edge in the bottom of the tank near the center. There was a one inch long crack.
My tank is supported about six inches from each end. When the tank was full the weight of the water caused the tank to sag slightly in the center and the crack opened. When it got down to 1/3 full, with not as much weight from the water, the crack closed again.
Welded up and back in business, just waiting for the Canadian winter to end.
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