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leaky tiller

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I just recently bought a 1975 28' Cape dory. When I was running it to my marina under power, water started leaking out from the tiller( rudder post?) It doesn't leak under sail, only when I'm motoring. This is my first sailboat and my first tiller. Any suggestions?
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Doesn't the CD 28 have an aperture? Maybe the thrust from you prop is forcing water up your rudder post. Water that would be sliding by while under sail.

I don't know CD 28's but I'd check to see if there is a leaking stuffing box atop your rudder post?

Someone who actually know this boat wanna help me out? :D
Thanks, I'll have to google aperture. The dude abides;)
I have a CD27 and I get the same thing. Not a rush of water mind you but there is water trickling in especially when motoring close to hull speed.

I have this on my "to do list". There may be a stuffing box that needs re-packing.

Check out www(dot)capedory(dot)org for more info.
Thanks, I'll have to google aperture. The dude abides;)

photo taken from here

Hopefully your prop looks better than this one. :eek: Plus, he should have left more room for his cutless bearing to self lubricate. :eek:
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Great. Now he will need to google "cutlass" too...:)
I have a 1975 Capital Yachts Newport 28. It does the exact same thing when under power. I also figure the prop wash is directing water up the rudder shaft. I've run the boat for two years now with that happening with no problems.
Mine leaks pretty bad, I'll just deal with it for awhile I guess. And yes, I know what a "cutlass" is. Your probably driving an '88 right now, Pontiac right?
Just kidding around 'fish. I am new here too and didn't know what an "aperture" refered to on a sailboat. It's all good. And no, it's an '87...:)

Welcome to Sailnet. :)
My Columbia 29 does the same thing, and its just a cheapo stock stuffing box, no real stuffing just grease but the grease no longer does the trick, guess it worked the opening a little bit too large.
Scared the hell out of me when I first noticed this kind of leaking on the Pearson Triton I had some years ago.
'O' rings?
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