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But, but, but

For many years, leatherbacks would appear around the Irish coast, were captured, sent to jail in an aquarium and were, eventually, deported to the Carib!
All of this involved the Irish Navy, Air Corps, Army, numerous civic groups and vast expense.
Their deportation usually got a front page photo in the Irish Times.

However, research, initiated by Dr Tom Doyle of University College Cork, allied with a Welsh college, discovered that this was part of a migratory pattern - they follow jellyfish blooms (mainly, the barrel jellyfish) with the Gulf Stream/North Atlantic Drift.
Tagged, they were seen to head south in the autumn, past the Canaries, down the west coast of Africa and, presumably, back to the Carib to breed.

I have seen them washed up twice - the first one in Howth, just north of Dublin, badly decayed, carapace and flippers gone, but still the size of a cow.
The other was on the SW coast - no more than six ft long.

I still nearly fall over laughing when I think of the earlier, well intentioned, but utterly misguided, efforts to 'rescue' these poor beasties found around Ireland - the turtle mouthing 'But, but, but....'
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