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I'm looking for the following. Can anybody give me some direction?

Covers for the following Lewmar Ocean series hatches:

1 Lewmar Size 10, 324 x 324 mm w/25 mm flange
2 Lewmar Size 20, 266 x 411 mm w/25 mm flange
1 Lewmar Size 30, 391 x 521 mm w/25 mm flange
1 Lewmar Size 60, 574 x 574 mm w/25 mm flange

I have a guy who can make them for me here in La Paz, Mexico, but Lewmar hatches are used on so many boats that I suspect I can get them off the shelf somewhere.

I presently go back to Colorado for about 10 days a month, so it's easy for me to order them on the net, and bring them back on a return trip.

Thanks for any help that you can give me.

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