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Lewmar genoa fairlead car

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I purchased two genoa cars (Lewmar brand) and realzied after purchasing that they are too large for my t-track. I have 1" t-tracks on my boat and this car appears to be 1 1/4".

See pic: genoa car.JPG?dl=0

I've searched the Lewmar website and can't find any record of this particular model.

I did find part #'s 15200187 and 15200188 which are sleeve inserts for another Lewmar genoa car but I'm unsure at all if they will fit this car.\assets\img\dataset\Manual-Ocean Hardware_iss7.pdf

Page 24, parts # 9 and 10

Anyone have any suggestions here as to how I can adapt this care to make it work?

Thanks in advance.
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Lewmar does not make the old track cars any longer. and no the roller car will not fit your track. Contact Garhauer marine and they will help you get one that fits and it will be high quality at half the price. Garhauer Marine Hardware -10377336
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