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Liability question

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If one was to buy a boat and put it in a charter fleet that is covered by the charter fleets Insurance what would the personal liability to the actual owner be if someone is hurt onboard or damages another boat or property when the boat is out on a charter? Thanks for any info
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Same thing in the US, but here you can ask if a state is a "vicarious liability" state, in which case the vehicle (vessel) owner has liability regardless of how many intermediaries may be involved.
So let me understand this.

A car is sold by a Ford dealer to a leasing house. The leasing house leases it to a fast foods company. The company gives the car to an employee as a part of his salary package. The employee, with the company's permission allows his wife to drive it. She has an accident and someone is killed (not the wife, at least not right away :p).

The leasing company is vicariously liable for the death of a bystander???

Wow!! Must be a nightmare for someone like Penske Leasing (who lease 200,000 vehicles)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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