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Hello all,

My wife and I currently are living in the Boston area and have arrived at that point in life where
paying ridiculous prices for rent, ( $1400 month for a 1 bed apt.) is no longer something we want to engage in.
Buying a house/ condo/studio also is unattractive. The last place I went to look at was a 339sq ft studio in the basement of a decrepit complex in an undesirable neighborhood for $65 K. So even though Boston is not the most temperate of climes, the idea of buying a sailboat to live- aboard has been something we have begun to consider. We are looking to buy something in the
< 40K range with plans that over the next 8 10 months or so we would complete any necessary repairs, increase our sailing experience, ( which consists of having crewed on a Challenger 50 for 6 weeks from the P. canal to Ensenada about 6 years ago/ and my wife lived on a sailboat in Martinique some ten years ago for three months with ocassional day sails ect. so our experience is limited at best. We can envision ourselves chartering someday in the next few years where ??? Maybe off the coast of East Africa, Zanzibar ect. We have just begun to look at boats at local yards, internet, particular magazines and have come across a 1972 Colombia 45 which has been out of the water for the past two years. It does not appear as though there have been many renovations so aesthetically it needs some help but as far as its structural soundness I have no idea. The last thing I want to do is to buy a a delaminating lemon.
So here are a few questions?
-Is it better to go through a broker rather than directly with the seller, and if the former is advised does the buyer have any safeguards/ insurance in the event that the boat turns out to be a lemon?
-Comments on the Colombia 45!!
-Could it venture ( safely) in Bluewater?
-Buying boats outside the US, complications with the documentation ect., can one save any money doing so?
-Times of the year/ regions of the country when and where it is best to buy. Common sense would suggest that in the fall/ winter we could find better deals, how much does this effect the type of boat we are looking for i.e. 35-50 ft that needs work.

I certainly could go on and on but then I would probably get no responses so I will stop here. Thank you for your attention all comments are much appreciated.

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