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You could allow time to pass, that usually works for me. Play a game, fix some dinner, take a nap, that kind of thing. Given enough time the wind always picks up, might take hours, days, weeks, but it will eventually show up. The best solution to not having enough wind is to have enough wind. :)

Of course I am being a smart ass, but there do seem to be a lot of people out there on the ocean who do not have enough patience and don't account for the fact that they are going to be becalmed a good bit of the time. Even in the middle of the ocean sometimes you just have to sit there on the glassy water and entertain yourself while you wait, right ? Too many sailors seem to treat windless days like they are broken in some way, when that is just the way it goes, sometimes there isn't any wind, doesn't do any good to wish it were different ... it is sort of like going camping and getting upset because it rains, it just rains sometimes, that's camping! Windless hours and days on a boat aren't deficient in some way, they are just part of the experience.
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