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I have researched the topic, including this informative study (SGEB-17/SG071: Lightning & Sailboats).

Background: 1969 Contest 30, wooden mast, fully encapsulated lead keel, fresh water sailed.


1. Do I need an "air terminal" / antenna?

2. Since the mast is wooden, should a stay be used as the down conductor? Alternatively, should I install a down conductor on the mast?

3. If stay or mast (with appropriate down conductor used), where should the copper grounding plates be located? Outside / inside?

4. Can a Dynaplate be substituted for copper plate?

5. How should the grounding plates be attached (epoxy, fiberglass, bolted, etc.)?

6. Once grounding plates are installed, is it as simple as connecting down conductor and significant metal components (engine, tanks, etc.) to the grounding plate via #4 copper wire?

7. Should chainplates be connected to grounding plates?
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